Bay Ville Meat Center

EST 1976

History goes a long way and ours speaks for itself.
Offering fresh meals made daily, catering for events and the highest quality meats!


Over three generations of experience allow us to provide unmatched skills to butcher any cut of meat. Our finest products are cut to order to maintain freshest quality. We only carry USDA Prime & USDA Choice that is grass fed, grain finished at the Bayville Meat Center, nothing less. We also proudly handle 100% grass fed beef to meet all customers needs.


Our Pork is of heritage breed hogs, antibiotic and hormone free. Our tender pork choices will never disappoint. We carry any cut of pork from Crown Roasts to whole hogs, perfect for any holiday. Our Prosciutto and Provolone Stuffed Pork Loins and our Famous Stuffed Pork Roasts are our specialty.


We only offer All Natural Air Chilled Chicken, no antibiotics and hormones ever. Our tender poultry selections are ready for order and served for exceptional flavor. We also offer Certified Organic Chickens, as well.


We carry every part of the lamb. There is not a piece of lamb that we cannot cut; Ground Lamb, Racks of Lamb and Lamb Shanks, you name it! All are readily available and easy to prepare with our authentic cooking instructions.

Best butcher shop around!